Things I learned this week

Here are a few interesting things I learned this week. I hope you find one or more of these useful.

#1 Document details about prints.

This one seems obvious now but during a printing spree I’m on at the moment, I failed to detail all my Cura settings and when asked or posting on thingiverse I couldn’t remember the settings I’d used. So now all I do to remedy that is a quick screenshot of Cura.

#2 More infill for the small/thin parts

While I was already well aware of tolerances regarding small parts, this was a little reminder when attempting to print the Maker Faire Robot Action Figure PIP (print-in-place) with 20% infill. One leg snapped off (1st layer issue mostly) and the other lost its foot after very little movement.

#3 Change up speeds mid-print

This came up while attempting to print another Maker Faire Robot Action Figure PIP. I could print very fast and maintain an acceptable level of quality but this was greatly affecting the initial layers of the print. To resolve this I set it to the max speed I wanted to print in Cura and when it started printing I turned the knob on my Kossel Mini to slow it down by 50%. Once I felt there was enough layers to withstand the speed I ramped it back up to 100% for the remainder of the print.

Maker Faire Robot Action Figure PIP
2nd attempt

I know there are probably much more elegant ways of changing the speed in G-code but while I’m experimenting with settings this works well for me.


Well I hope you find some good tips in my failings this week. Just to tie everything nicely together and applying what I learned, here is a screenshot of my settings for my second Maker Faire Robot.

Screenshot of Cura
Cura settings for Maker Faire Robot

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