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Maker Faire UK 2016

I love Maker Faire UK. I go every year. It’s a fantastical place where you can have amazing, in-depth talks with fascinating people, check out cool robots and see up and coming technology. It’s also a great place for crafts and art. It’s fun for both adults and children.

I really like Maker Faire if I didn’t get that across.

And it’s because of the reasons above that my pictures are both blurry and in small quantity. I will have to attend both days next year to really get all the pictures and attend all the talks because there is just so much to get through over the weekend.

But anyway here is just a small selection of the cool things I saw (and remembered to take a picture of) at Maker Faire. Read more

Prusa i3 Rework Refurb

So months ago I bought an i3 Rework from the friend that got me into 3D printing. My first printer is an i3 Rework so I could apply the knowledge I already had working on that. While this has been sitting there I had built a Kossel Mini and bought a kit to upgrade my first printer to a dual extrusion system.

When I finally had some free time I decided to spend some time refurbing it and making it compatible with 1.75mm filament.

Prusa i3 Rework pre-refurb
Prusa i3 Rework pre-refurb.

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